Universal Martial Arts and Sports Foundation

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About Us

About Us

UMASF (Universal Martial Arts and Sports Foundation) is a sanctuary of martial arts excellence and personal growth. Founded by Sensei Suraj Pujari, our journey began 12 years ago with a vision to create not just martial artists but well-rounded individuals.

We practice Gojo-Ryu style of karate, emphasizing discipline, self-defense, and physical fitness. Our dedication to holistic development sets us apart. Our students have left their mark on both national and international stages, earning accolades and respect.

But we offer more than just martial arts. We focus on mental and physical development, with activities like outdoor games, camps, and various sports. We even offer kickboxing, MMA, Taekwondo, and yoga.

With five branches in Maharashtra and an impressive collection of medals, certificates, and trophies, UMASF is a place where champions are forged, and success is the mantra.


Empower individuals through martial arts, fostering physical and mental strength. Striving for excellence, we aim to nurture champions who embrace the “Fall, Face, Success” philosophy in life.


To be a global leader in martial arts, recognized for holistic development. We envision a world where our students achieve success on all fronts, becoming well-rounded individuals and community leaders.


We uphold values of discipline, respect, resilience, and continuous improvement. These principles guide our students toward becoming champions in life and embracing success with humility and honor.